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                                                                                   About Our Business

Maximum Curb Appeal is a small company with HUGE Plans!... currently doing business in the D/FW Metro-plex and surrounding areas. 

You know how much you care about the "Curb Appeal" of your home or small business and together, we can focus on helping you achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way.

I plan wisely, anticipating most problems before hand. 

I pride myself in providing very dependable service for my reliable clients.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do... affordably bringing smiles to peoples faces by: mowing/grooming lawns... trimming hedges/trees... raking/bagging leaves... painting houses... even pressure washing driveways, fences, and decks... but most of all, it's a peaceful way of earning a modest living. :)

Let me take care of your property during the week, so you can enjoy your weekends... again. :)

Please feel free to print our Maximum Curb Appeal business card or bookmark our website to keep the phone number handy until we can give you one of our authentic business cards.

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