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Maximum Curb Appeal is a locally based firm that offers our clients professional and personalized service. Currently focusing on the Mansfield, S. Arlington areas of Texas... and Usually Servicing Lawns for Residential, Small Business, and Church properties... But, if your Mansion is located in the D/FW area and in need of a Continually Groomed Manicure, please call right away.

I am an experienced lawn groomer that loves to satisfy my customers at affordable prices.
Having a well-groomed lawn can certainly make your Home or Small Business look much more inviting.
...plus Maximum Curb Appeal lawn services during the week, may allow you to enjoy your weekends... again.

I am happy to service Small Business and Larger sized properties throughout D/FW,
Otherwise, my work week consist of servicing residential lawns in the Mansfield / S. Arlington Areas.
Phone/Text: Ken ~ (214) 499-8722

Maximum Curb Appeal lawn service is adult owned and operated.
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If you need your lawn groomed Daily, Weekly, or on a Bi-weekly bases, let me know, I will quote a price to suit your needs. My goal is to have a schedule, full of dependable clients who want reliable service.

Our well-groomed lawn service consists of:
* Mowing (with a Sharp, Mulching blade)
* Blade Edging (for that Clean Well-Groomed Look)
* Nylon-line Trimming (around trees, mail-boxes, etc.)
* Sweeping-up larger debris (if necessary)
* Blowing off all sidewalks, driveways, and street curbs.

Other Services Include:
Seasonal Weed & Feed Promotes A Healthier Lawn.
I recommend seasonal weed control & lawn fertilizer for best results.
I can even pull some of those pesky weeds if we just can't seem to kill them.

Seasonal Flower Beds Look Great Year Around Too:
There are certain Plants and Flowers that work best for each season of the year.
Services for your beds can include:
* Plan and Install New Beds
* Weed, Mulch, and Replant / Update Current Beds

We would love to add your lawn to our Weekly Schedule..."Maximum Curb Appeal really can make a difference."

An attractive, well-maintained lawn with inviting surroundings, substantially increases the value of your home or business property and entices your guest to feel a strong sense of care will be given to them as well.  Maximum Curb Appeal offers residential and commercial lawn maintenance services to suit your tastes, property and lifestyle.
From the earliest stages of any project, we endeavor to work closely with our client to examine the unique requirements of each scheme.

Please feel free to print our Maximum Curb Appeal business card or bookmark our website to keep our phone number handy until we can give you one of our authentic business cards.

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